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14th April 2016

Simplifying the Sail Buying Process, part 1

We thought it’d be helpful to try and remove some of the mystery, to explain some of the key jargon and to give you some tips of how to choose the right sails for you and your boat.  Hopefully it’ll make your next conversation with you... Read more


14th April 2016

Chris 'Twiggy' Grube, our first Ultimate Star.

We learn a great deal from everyone we sail with, both racers and cruisers, so we wanted share some of that wide-ranging expertise in a series of interviews with an unofficial group we call the Ultimate Stars.   Chris Gr... Read more


13th January 2016

New Sails for the Spring

What do you do with all your free time between now and the start of the sailing season?. Why not give some thought to that new sail which you know will improve the performance of your boat?. We ... Read more


13th January 2016

2015 Results Round-Up

Perhaps last summer may not have delivered the weather that many of us had hoped for, but clients of Ultimate Sails were busy on the water, getting the very best from their boats and their new sails.   We've put together a brief round-up of some of the best of your r... Read more


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