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boom covers

Our boom covers come in two forms; the Shaped Boom Cover and the Blanket Boom Cover. The Shaped Boom cover is designed to be used with a mainsail fitted with mast cars and will take into account the extra height of the mainsail when it is flaked onto the boom. The Blanket Boom Cover is for use with mainsails that are not fitted with mast slide and so flake closer/tighter to the boom. See below a Blanket Boom Cover and a Shaped Boom Cover:



Available in the following colours:


Our boom covers are simple and easy to use and provide great protection to your mainsail when you are not sailing your boat enabling you to leave the sail flaked on the boom which is a lot kinder on the sail than fully flaking and rolling it. It will also save you time as removing and refitting a mainsail every time you want to go sailing can be a nuisance.


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