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Cruising sails

It’s a simple, but perhaps overlooked fact that we apply as much design development time and resources into our Ultimate cruising sails as we do to our racing sails. There is much learning from our racing successes, and our belief is that our cruising customers are entitled to the same high level of performance as our racing customers.  Every design is bespoke for the individual customer and we certainly don't do ‘off the shelf’. There are common features with shared technology and designs are constantly updated as a result of customer feedback, what we find when we go testing and of course, as technology advances.


Upwind cruising sails  

From cross cut Dacron to tri radial laminates and through to the most advanced Membranes we make cruising sails to suit your exact requirements. We use only the best quality high tenacity materials during construction. In addition, strong durable seams, radial patches and stainless steel hardware reflect 30 years experience producing premium quality sails and ensure comfort and performance whether sailing short handed or taking the whole family out on the water.





Downwind cruising sails

All Ultimate Downwind Cruising sails are custom designed to suit each individual owner with the accent on ease of handling, performance and durability. Our advanced sail design program moulds the perfect sail in size and shape prior to manufacture. All sails are manufactured using a full radial panel layout, just one of the features that makes these sails great value. 





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