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Redefining your sails

March 2020 marks 10 years for Ultimate Sails, 10 years since our founders chose to step away from representing well-established names in the sail-making world to define their own identity and path. A big move done with the belief that they could better serve their customers by taking complete control of the process from the sale, to the design of the sail, to the manufacture and on time delivery. 10 years on Ultimate Sails remains true to its original ambition; to make sure all customers get the Ultimate Sail.


In order move forward you must look at how far you have come, what worked well, what didn’t work as well as you had hoped, and most importantly understanding why. So, whilst we won’t dwell on the past, it does help to explain where we are today and where we are going in the future.


Unit 19 Hamble Yacht Services is home to Ultimate Sails, in fact, this very office has been the epicentre of sail-making in the UK for over 20 years. During this time the two other constants have been the phone number (02380456205) and our owner Kevin Sproul. Kevin managed or owned Hyde Sails, Sobstad Sails, Elvstrom Sails and now Ultimate Sails all from this office. He is a multiple champion in a variety of classes and uses his extensive knowledge about boats and sail designs to help customers optimise their boats for improved performance.


Ultimate Sails established itself to give sailors a choice backed by a high level of customer service. One differentiating point is the line of communication between customer and sail designer can be lengthy, and for each person the message goes to key points can be lost along the way or in translation. At Ultimate Sails, you can speak directly with the designer of your sails to ensure you receive the exact sail you need to get the most from your time on the water.


We have always led in the development of sail materials and it doesn’t stop now, we are continuing to redefine the materials we use to meet our customers needs. Our aim is to make every sail better than the last and we achieve this by controlling all the factors that make a good sail; design, manufacturing and the material used.


One common scenario we are asked… I have this old racing boat, and I am looking to upgrade the sails and want something that is not going to break the bank but help me make the most of my boat. Can you help? Of course! Whether it’s Sigma 33’s, Hunter 707’s, Dinghies such as the Buzz, ISO, Boss, Spice, Blaze and other small keelboats like the Bull 7000, we designed and made the original OEM or one-design sails for these classes and 100s of others. We hold all the original designs in our database of over 12000 sails giving us the ability to make a great sail for almost any boat.


Ultimate Sails has helped many customers achieve their sailing aims including wins at the Audi Med Cup, multiple Cowes Weeks, Commodores Cups, National, European and World Championships. They have even raced through the Southern Ocean, the biggest test of endurance.


No sail is too small, the smallest we have made is a jib for a Pico dinghy. No sail is too big, the largest we have made is a suit of sails for a 100 ft Cruising Superyacht. #ThinkSailsThinkUltimate

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