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Why you should consider a Cruising Chute for your next downwind sail.

The purpose of a cruising chute is to give you that extra gear when sailing downwind. 


The chart here shows the optimum wind angles and wind speed for each type of sail.


At Ultimate Sails, we believe we offer one of the best cruising chute options on the market place and here's why.


Off the Shelf V Made to Order.


Today we live in a world where we want everything now. If we buy something, we want it delivered the next day or even click and collect on the same day. Do you recall the saying, ‘good things come to those who wait’, well you would only need to wait four short weeks for a new sail? In that time, rather than getting just another standard cruising chute, you would get a sail that was designed specifically for your boat. It would be a sail that would be a lot more stable and easier to trim, it would perform better and be a sail that helped you sail faster downwind to your next port in time for sundowners on the deck. Off-the-shelf sails are not made with your particular boat or sailing in mind. All our sails are made-to-order and take into account the type of sailing you are planning on doing, combined with our extensive knowledge and experience in sailmaking. The sail we make for you will not have sat on a shelf gathering dust, it will be newly made especially for you.




The Ultimate Sails cruising chute is designed to fit your boat and be easy to use. The luff includes a correct cord length, so the tack is secured to the bow and hoisted correctly. The curve in the luff has been refined, making the sail easy and safe to trim from the helm position. Stable in light winds, the sail allows you to run deeper in stronger winds than something purchased off-the-shelf. The difference can enable you to sail up to 30 degrees lower and is, therefore, more effective, allowing you to be more confident to sail wider angles so using the sail more often taking the maximum advantage of your investment.


What happens when I sail short-handed.


Ultimate Sails cruising chutes come with a snuffer as an optional extra. The snuffers are a lightweight mesh sock with an internal pocket which houses the uphaul line. The mesh socks allow the sail to breathe and dry out when being stored, whilst the internal uphaul line stops it getting twisted and tangled around the sail. Ultimately making it simple and safe to use.


What next.


Get an instant quotation today for a cruising chute made-to-order for your yacht, and for delivery in time for the start of the season. Click here.


When you have made your decision, we will send you a panel layout and a swatch sample, so you can select the colour(s) you would like. Get the family involved, we have seen some really interesting colour combinations over the years.


Once the order has been confirmed, your new cruising chute will be delivered to you within four weeks.


For information on all our cruising sails, please visit the following section of our website here


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