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About Us


About Us

For 30 years we've been at the cutting edge of the sail making industry including owning leading global brands.


As an independently owned loft, with no nagging accountants at the top telling us what materials we need to buy or where to buy, we draw on our experience of partnering with the best production lofts around the world.  We have free rein to source from where we know the quality is best, where our accurate designs are consistently delivered on time.


So whether you're looking for a new suit of sails for a 100 ft Superyacht, a Code Zero for a 40 foot Racer or a Cruising Chute for a 30 ft Weekender, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that every sail will be perfect for your intended use, at a price which is affordable.


All our sails are designed in-house by a team who have huge experience across all of sailing’s diverse disciplines. We have a diverse range of racing successes to our credit, from the hotbed of the IRC fleet to one design sports boats, we have proven our designs are fast and competitive.  Equally, we are always learning and developing and we are small enough to adapt quickly to what we learn.


The only thing we consider to be old fashioned is that we genuinely strive to deliver customer service. We have learned that happy customers are those who get more from their boat, and we are grateful to have many loyal customers who have been with us through our sail making lives.


Unit 20 Hamble Yacht Services
Port Hamble
Southampton, SO31 4NN
+44 (0)2380 456205